The Resilience Machine


Growth Machines: coalitions of local real estate, finance, and construction interests that seek to propagate an ideology of growth and consumption as well as engaging in tactical politics around local government land-use regulation, policy, and decision-making.

 [Molotch, 1976]

By analogy:

Resilience Machines are coalitions of local, national and international finance, real estate, and construction interests that seek to encourage and secure investment in critical infrastructure and urban (re)development projects as that engage in tactical politics around associated land-use regulation, housing and environmental policy, and decision-making. 

Resilience machines involve a broad spectrum of actors and institutions, all embedded in time- and place-specific social rela­tions. The specific actors will vary from one context to another (regeneration; instrumental resilience; smart growth). At the same time, the relations among actors and institutions need to be understood in terms of their linkages: (1) within a specific local socio-political ecology and economic structure, and (2) within the broader context of economic, social, and cultural change.

An edited volume on The Resilience Machine is in preparation. Co-editors are Jim Bohland, Simin Davoudi, and Jennifer Lawrence.